All Kinds of Heroes

Mountain Lion TracksThere is a woman in our town who is an unsung hero. I could not do what she is doing. I know this because Mel and I did it today in 16 degree temps, 60 mph wind gusts. Do you KNOW how cold that is? (See above)

Here’s an example: while carrying out this woman’s evening duties, I forgot to put on my gloves while checking on the horses. Before I could get back to the animal house, I couldn’t feel my hands. If Mel hadn’t been with me, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the task.

And the task is something wonderful. I’ll call this hero Joy because she puts joy in a lot of lives, cares for many wounded and struggling animals. I followed her around yesterday evening to see what medications needed to be given to which animal, and which horse needed to be placed in another corral to eat–because he’s almost 30 years old and the other horses pick on him. I got dizzy just following her. Sometimes this takes her up to four hours a day, depending on how many animals she’s caring for. And that’s on top of her regular job.

What kind of person does this?

She’s just a normal person who can’t stand to see anything suffering. She drives a gasoline truck, and she’s a strong woman. She’s got her own health issues, and so does her husband, but that doesn’t stop them from caring for those weaker and in need.

In the harsh winter climate of Wyoming, feral cats can easily freeze and starve. Joy catches these cats, tames them, and finds homes for them. Let me tell you from experience that when you rescue a cat and keep it in your home, you will no longer have mice. But Joy does more than just catch healthy feral cats for taming. She takes injured and sick cats that no one else wants and nurses them back to health so that someone else will want them. She holds the weakest on her lap while watching a movie at night, gives all their meds, hauls them to and from the vet, and agonizes over their suffering. 

With Joy’s hectic schedule, especially with these physical issues she and her husband have encountered, she’s asked for help this week. Since I’m the only person she knows who has medicated animals AND handled horses, I gladly volunteered to play with her menagerie. For me it’s fun for a few days–oh, man, hanging out with horses again is a dream come true! For her, this life is a calling and she takes it seriously every day of the week.

Some might not think one little animal would be worthy of such time and attention. Proverbs 12:10 says “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal.” NASB

I think the little things, and little animals, count to God. So do our actions. How would you like to be a hero?

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We love to hike, we love to read, and we love to write. We are active in a small house church that recently moved into a building that was once a parts store, so life is fun and exciting for us.
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2 Responses to All Kinds of Heroes

  1. Thank you for sharing her story and God Bless Joy!


  2. Thank you, and yes, God bless Joy!


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