Happy Thanksgiving!



Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine. By now, the weather has shifted from warm to crisp. The trees are still turning here in Texas, and it’s the kickoff of the holiday season. A time when families gather together to give thanks for all their blessings.

As I prepare the meal for this Thanksgiving, I plan to use my mother’s cornbread dressing recipe. I remember all those Thanksgivings past when I was growing up, watching my mother prepare the dressing for our family. Thanksgiving morning, the house would be filled with the mouthwatering aromas of turkey, dressing, pumpkin and pecan pies.

My grandfather lived close so most of our family would gather there with him to enjoy family and food together. After he passed, we’d gather at our home or my aunt’s. My uncle and aunt who lived out of town would come down as well. Through the years, so many loved ones have gone on to be with God. More and more seats at the table became empty. Yet, I can only imagine the Thanksgiving celebration they will be having in Heaven.

thanksgiving 2

So, as I prepare the meal for our family this year, the people seated around our table will not be the only ones there with us. In my mind and in my heart, all my loved ones will be there with me celebrating this Thanksgiving Day.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

All the best…

Mary Alford






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