Waze Accountability by Julie Arduini

Waze Accountability Julie Arduini_edited

Recently I re-installed the driving app Waze after I noted what great time my sister and brother-in-law made traveling to and through Baltimore. I’d tried it before but didn’t really understand how to use it beyond finding funny voices to use for direction.

This time has been different. I’m able to sync with my calendar, so I receive a notification when I should leave, when it’s time to leave, and I can have my event mapped out as a planned drive.

I’ve also enjoyed annoying our teen daughter by surprising her with the “Boy Band” navigational voice. You can even record your own voice to use for directions.

Imagine by surprise when a Waze feature spoke to me.

Through drives I’ve learned what different sounds mean by experience. There’s a hazard notification, construction ahead, and even police sightings. It took awhile to realize the ding I heard when I disregarded the app directions and went my own way was the re-route in action. The other sound it took awhile to discover? I was over the speed limit.

My speedometer works in increments and I’m bad in math sitting at a table, forget trying to figure out my speed as I’m trying to keep up on the highway. The little Waze ding that tells me I’m speeding keeps me in check.

I realized I get the same reminder from the Holy Spirit.

I’ve done a lot of reading this year on the Holy Spirit and hearing from God. Over the years I’ve been asked as a mentor how do I know what voice is God’s and what is the enemy of our soul. Quick tips I’ve shared is God will chastise and grow us, but He will never, ever condemn us. The enemy can’t handle praise, nor will He ever suggest anything that’s going to advance God’s Kingdom. If I have a vivid dream, I tend to take it seriously and go to Him in prayer about it if I keep remembering those details long after I wake. Sometimes I have had pizza before bed or something that gives a weird dream, and often those details are forgotten. Those are things through the years that have helped me navigate my prayer life.

The Holy Spirit is called a comforter, encourager, and is my friend. I’ve learned to know His voice because in love, He’s spoken up when I’m the proverbial child about to steal a cookie from the jar before dinner. When I want to say something sassy, be dishonest, or hold a grudge, I’ve often received a check in my spirit and what I call a “burn in my belly.” He doesn’t go away, but He isn’t nagging me, either. His special name for me that no one, no one has ever called me is Darling. So when I hear, “Darling, do you really want to say that?” as I’m about to go off, it’s the equivalent of Waze making a sound when I’m over the speed limit.

Like Waze, I have a choice. I can ignore the ding and keep pressing the accelerator. Waze doesn’t deal with the consequences, I do. Same for my faith walk. The Holy Spirit can give me nudges, but I have to decide if I want to stay in God’s will or go solo. Hard lessons and blessings have proven to me it’s best to listen and to obey the nudges.

If you’re struggling with making a right choice, or are wondering if you’ve heard from God in a situation, I hope this encourages you!


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Julie Arduini loves to encourage readers to find freedom in Christ by surrendering the good, the bad, and ---maybe one day---the chocolate. She’s the author of the new contemporary romance series SURRENDERING HEARTS (Anchored Hearts, Repairing Hearts, +four more.) Her other romance series is SURRENDERING TIME (Entrusted, Entangled, Engaged.) She also co-wrote a YA series with her daughter, SURRENDERING STINKIN’ THINKIN’ (You’re Beautiful, You’re Amazing, You’re Brilliant.) Her stand-alone romances include MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN and RESTORING CHRISTMAS. Julie maintains a blog at juliearduini.com and participates in the team blog Christians Read. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two children. Learn more by visiting her at http://linktr.ee/JulieArduini.
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  1. Rita Shavers says:

    Very enlightening!


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