Lyn Cote Asks What’s Your Favorite Title?

What’s the title of your favorite book? One of my favorites is At Home in Mitford, Jan Karon’s first in Mitford series. A few of her other titles are Somewhere Safe with Someone Good and Come Rain or Come Shine.

The last one is of course an old song title. I wrestle with titles myself.  (Translation–I am dreadful with coming up with titles,) But I have to do it. I’m bringing out a new historical series this fall–the stories of 4 generations of women in one family from 1917-1990. I have decided to use song titles for the book titles, one for each era: “Meant for Me” 1920’s, “Had to Be You” 1930-40’s, “To Love Somebody” 1960’s and “What Love Is” 1990. I hope the titles make the books attractive to readers.

I have been known to buy a book based merely on the title for example: Miss Frost Solves a Cold Case, and How to Murder a Millionaire. If you have strong feelings about titles and want to share you fave or the one you couldn’t stand, this is your chance to tell us about it–Lyn Cote


Here’s one of the covers of this upcoming series–I love this cover!

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