Lyn Cote Asks-Is God an Author?

Lyn Cote Asks-Is God an Author?

I think He is. And a very good one. Just think of all the movies made of his “memorable” stories–Samson and Delilah (could a man be that dumb?–evidently–yes), The Ten Commandments (will we ever forget the parting of the Red Sea or the angel of death?), and what about Queen Esther? It seems to me that in the Old Testament (or Jewish Scriptures), He orchestrates–sets up the setting and the characters and the plot twists or  what “tests” them in these true stories which the prophets wrote down in their own voices for our benefit. In the New Testament, He switches to fiction with the parables of Jesus. Just mention “The Prodigal Son” and see how many people know the timeless story.

When I am starting a new story, I sit down and get to know my characters. I dig deep into not only their pasts but even their parents and grandparents. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they want? What do they need to learn in order to be able to give and receive love? I set them up to grow. That’s the aim of my stories. To portray people at a turning point in their lives where they stop living defeated lives, break through the past that binds them and into life and that abundantly. I think the “God” stories above show this kind of breakthrough, both non-fiction and fiction. So my point is God is a great author and I hope to follow in His example.

My latest historical shows a hero and heroine at the point where both their lives can change forever or they can repeat old patterns, believe old lies, or break through to love. Journey to Respect is on sale for 99 cents this month. Drop by to learn more.

Some call him half-breed and all call her a lady. Few in 1825 would judge them equals~ Both Rafe McKuen and Miss Eve Holcombe are on a journey, a Journey to Respect. But such journeys are rarely uncomplicated or without dangers. And falling in love is the most dangerous of all.–Lyn Cote


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