Are You Still Writing?–Lyn Cote

Are You Still Writing?–Lyn Cote

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This is a question I get fairly often from people I don’t know very well.

I say, “Yes, that’s my job.”

Then people ask, “How many books have you written?” And they act surprised when I reply, “Nearly 50.”

I mean I’ve been writing for many years–at least two books a year–they accumulate–like rabbits I guess. 🙂

They often ask, “How often do you write?”

“Six days a week,” I reply.

More uncomfortable and odd glances in return.

I suppose it’s because most people don’t write books and they don’t write books for a living.

I was one of them about 25 years ago. I recall the days that I wasn’t a writer. When I started trying to find out about the career of writing, I knew no one who was a writer. I grew up in a building trades family. I knew carpenters, electricians, etc. No authors. And I lived in Iowa and at that time–publishing LIVED only in NYC.

But I kept searching for information (this was before the Internet became widely used) and finally found the connections I need to make but it took years. In the meantime I began the routine of writing everyday and now it’s a habit. And my job. I know it’s odd but it’s what I do!

So have you met a writer face to face in the wild, so to speak? ‘-) If you haven’t, what would you ask the writer? I’m here and will reply but you’ll probably be surprised by my answer. ‘-)–Lyn Cote


PS-My historical, a Western romance, JOURNEY TO RESPECT, is on sale for 99 cents.

Some call him half-breed and all call her a lady. Few in 1825 would judge them equals~


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