Being Deliberate about that One Thing by Elizabeth Goddard


Are you one of those people who starts out the new year with resolutions or goals or even one word you believe God has for you?


I confess that I belong to all of those groups.


Let me tell you why.


I LOVE new beginnings! That’s my perspective on the new year. It’s a fresh start. Maybe you’re in the middle of something big and the new year doesn’t feel like anything but the passing of time much too quickly, but you CAN make it a fresh start.


For most of us, those resolutions go to the side of the road within a week or two as we make our journey through life. Well, we tried. It was a start, a dream. But not something we could hold onto or make a reality.


Something I’ve learned through experience is that if I write it down, it has a better chance of happening. I’m a huge fan of keeping a to do list. Every single book idea I’ve written on my to do list has eventually come into this world as a book baby—ahem—a published novel on sale at stores. That’s true for most everything else on my to do list. (Only book ideas become book babies, I’m talking about everything else.)


So that’s one suggestion, my tip, for you on how to make a few things become reality.


As for the “word for the year”—what I believe God is speaking to me—it’s not something I usually pray about or think about too hard. It’s something I just know. After all, that word is probably something He’s been speaking to me for quite a while so I already know what it is, as should you.


For me,  this coming year (and for the last few months actually) that word is simply “be.” Or if you prefer a phrase–Just Be. Imagine my delight when I came across this post from Ann Voskamp about “Plan Be”.


In the post, she said,


Let go of Plan A — Go with “Plan Be.”


Love it!


I’m always so busy making sure things on my to do list get done, and my mind is flitting around in a thousand directions and lingering on future possibilities, that I’ve forgotten how to live in the moment. To just “be.”


41ejvuwdmal-_sx337_bo1204203200_So I ordered her wonderful book: The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life, and I continue to read snippets every day and let those snippets soak in and give me ideas about how I can be the gift. In other words, there is action involved in “just being.”


Most importantly, she nails it in this post: 

When she says . . .

I find this very helpful advice for reading the Bible: As you read, do your best to be there.

I couldn’t agree more! This chaotic world fights for our attention, holds our minds captive as we try to do even the simplest of things like read the Bible.


I want to go deeper with Him this year, deeper than ever before, but in order to do that I need to be deliberate about many things and not let life—the “cares of this world” as Jesus put it—drag me away from what should be the most important thing—my relationship with Him.


So in being deliberate about that one thing–I need to be present in this moment, and let His presence soak in, so I can BE Christ, BE the gift for others . . .


I pray that you, too, can be deliberate about that one thing–And you know what it is.


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