Permission to Breathe by Kristen Heitzmann

It seems there’s always so much to do. For me: writing, research, reading, listening, watching, praying, anything that inspires the creative process. Then there’s networking and social media, keeping up with Facebook friends, Twitter contacts, etc. I appreciate, enjoy, and react to the things people post, and I love the conversations that happen over my posts.

I’ve had wonderful support and encouragement for my writing. I’m not sure people know how much that means to creative introverts. When I read reviews that people take the time to post about my stories, posts or messages where people share the same, my heart is touched, my mind is energized, along with the belief that this storytelling matters. That sharing life matters.

What an extraordinary outpouring of enthusiasm I had during the release of Told You Twice! That book took me so deep into the psyches of the characters, that it was pure joy to hear others responding in kind. I’m so blessed by that, believe me. In fact, I’ve been clinging to these for the last month, even though I’ve done less and less and less.

If you have followed my posts etc. you know that I’m refreshed by hiking in the mountains where I live. Unfortunately, a foot injury has kept me from hitting the trails I love. For most of the summer I’ve hardly left my chair—and if you’ve seen my treadmill desk, you know I’m already averse to sitting! You might think it’s a great opportunity to rest and take life slowly. Instead I’ve grown despondent. I look at things I should be doing and say why bother? It’s all so much noise.

Today for the first time, I put on hiking boots and ventured a short way along a trail. Praise God, my foot handled it decently! Of course having been sedentary, I was quickly winded, which kicked in the asthma that kept me coughing and wheezing for hours afterward. Gah!

But even though I know it will be a slow road to functionality—physically, mentally, emotionally, and creatively—I’m facing the challenge one step at a time, one word at a time, one breath at a time. I’m giving myself permission to breathe if that’s the most I can manage. Have any of you been in this place? If so, will you pray for me as I will be honored to pray for you?

I know there’s a purpose to everything under heaven. I trust in God’s will, love and grace. What everlasting bounty he has for us. I am truly grateful, truly blessed, and humbled by a love so much larger than I can comprehend.

Kristen Heitzmann

Told You So

Told You Twice

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5 Responses to Permission to Breathe by Kristen Heitzmann

  1. Judy says:

    Over the years, I’ve torn ankle ligaments and herniated a disc in my back, so I definitely understand being sidelined and the sense of being stuck. Take it slow and easy but consistent. Praying for you.


  2. Kay says:


    You have my heartfelt prayers. I know that being in such a devastating place is overwhelming. You have blessed me so beautifully over the years and I pray those blessings come back to you tenfold.
    As I read what you wrote, a book came to mind: Breathing Grace: What You Need More Than Your Next Breath by Harry Lee Kraus.

    I have been thinking of you recently. I just told my students they can read Told You So or Still of Night for extra credit this semester. Three students are already reading. I’ve been looking for an old friend in my reading and have gone back to the beginning… perhaps starting with Honor’s Pledge. 😉

    Blessings my friend!


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