Summer Reading by Tara Randel

Summer is here! The kids are out of school. It’s vacation season! What better time to escape between the pages of a good book?

Whether you’re at the beach or poolside, slathered in SPF 50 and drinking a cool beverage, nothing beats relaxing with a book you can’t put down.

The question is, what kind of book? Fiction?

My fall back is always romance. Give me a fun, laugh-out loud story, or romantic suspense, and I’m a happy girl.


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But I also love to read blockbuster thrillers as well. For some reason, I always hold off and read these types of book in the summer. Talk about escaping! Saving the world is hard work! Someone has to sit back and read about it.

I’m currently reading The 6th Extinction by James Rollins. That man knows how to write a page turner! He combines suspense, science and history. Lots of fun.

A mystery is always a good read. Between amateur sleuths and police procedurals, if you enjoy figuring out who-done-it, you can easily spend hours finding your man, or woman. If you like to get your mind working, there are plenty of good mysteries waiting for you.

How about thumbing through a cookbook? I like to cook and have compiled dozens of recipes I’ve never tried, but that doesn’t stop me from looking for new ideas. There’s something about being daring in the summer. Get that grill warmed up and try that new dish you’ve been afraid to tackle.

I’m working on a new book right now, so my pleasure reading time is very limited. But that doesn’t stop me from looking up my favorite authors to find out the next release date on a book. After all, no self respecting reader can keep up with their To Be Read pile. So many books, too little time…..

What are you reading right now?

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6 Responses to Summer Reading by Tara Randel

  1. KasimsKorner says:

    Reading? Not doing much of that right now unfortunately tbh… Between a new job, new blog and a new novel my life is pretty hectic… I’ve followed, and would be honoured to hear your thoughts on some of my works on my blog. Keep writing and have a good day 🙂

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  2. Maureen Lang says:

    I’m listening to 600 Hours of Edward right now, from Audible. It’s about a man with Asperger’s (or High Functioning Autism as it’s generally called these days, since I believe the diagnosis of Asperger’s is no longer in vogue). It’s from Edward’s point of view, about the challenges he faces throughout his highly structured day. When a neighbor’s son shows up to help him paint the garage, Edward’s routine goes out the window . . .

    I’m also reading a friend’s soon-to-be-published Indie novel, and loving it! I’ll post on that when it’s available for purchase. 🙂

    And I just finished the first of the Bloody Jack books, which I absolutely loved. A young orphan is lucky to get a job as cabin boy on one of His Majesty’s Ships chasing down pirates. The only trouble is, “he” is a she! Lots of adventure on the high seas.


  3. imabrassy1 says:

    I’m reading A New Day Rising # 2 in the Red River series by Lauraine Snelling. I know I’m reading older books but I just found this series. I have to go trolling in my church library sometimes to find something good. These were a result of a new to us book in the latter part of the third series of these books so I had to go back and find the older ones to give me a perspective on the newer ones. I have read so many books this year already that I’ve met my goal for the year. Need a new goal I guess.I just can’t sit around in the hot weather and do nothing, right?


  4. I just finished the first two books in Hillary Manton Lodge’s Two Blue Doors series–and they are excellent, though I don’t know how I’ll hang on till the third comes out next May…
    And now I’m on to Kristi Ann Hunter’s new novella, A Lady of Esteem. Loving it so far! I’m in the mood for some short books and fun, light, easy reads, partly to catch up on my reading goal for the year and partly because it’s too hot for anything that might make me cry. 😉


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