Divine Moments: God Uses Book to Touch Others by Yvonne Lehman

Divine Momemts Cvr YvonneOne can expect the unexpected when writers get together at a gathering or a conference. At the May 2012 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Cindy Sproles told of a miraculous story of God showing up in a surprising way and place. I added my own story. Other conferees sitting around after classes, added theirs. I said, “Somebody…should put these stories in a book.”


Well, the word got around and eventually Terri Kalfas of Grace Publishing contacted me and asked how “My book” was coming along. So… that was the real beginning of what became 50 inspirational stories written by 37 authors in Divine Moments.


The authors did not get any compensation and all were eager to donate royalties to Samaritan’s Purse. Twenty-three of the authors did show up at the Blue Ridge in May (2013) to get their one-free-book! I’ve never seen such a happy bunch of people. We were experiencing the joy of having given. We were getting a great blessing.


But the blessing has gone far beyond our feelings. God is using this book to touch others. There have been many testimonies but this one I’d like to share with you:

One of the authors had talked for years to her family about accepting Jesus into their hearts but to no avail. However, upon reading her story, the family is receptive to talking about God and Jesus and one family member has become a Christian. In addition to that, the article was read by the woman who led the author to Christ over twenty years ago. That woman has invited the author to come and speak to her prayer retreat group.


There are wonderful stories that can be told by each of us about what God does in our lives. The next in the “Moments” series is Christmas Moments (to be released before Christmas). That too, has 50 stories with an inspiring faith focus.


At the Blue Ridge “Autumn in the Mountains” Novelist Retreat (October 19-22), I will be announcing the opportunity for others to get their stories in print and have that inspiring, encouraging affect on the readers. The next one in the series is in the idea stage but will likely be Spoken Moments.


Some of you reading this may have a story about words having had a negative effect on you and how you overcame that, or words having had a positive effect and was a life-changing time for you. Some may have stories of God “speaking” to you through his Word, through other, through circumstances. If you would like to submit a story (500-2000 or so words) for consideration, without promise of compensation except joy, email me: yvonnelehman3@gmail.com


May your moments be blessed.




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