The Times They Are a-Changin’! by Kathi Macias

I remember hearing my grandparents and, later, my parents complaining about how quickly the world was changing and how more and more they felt “left behind.” I was clueless and couldn’t relate–until the years began to change my perspective.

When I first got into writing/publishing (WAY back in the Dark Ages, around the early 1980s), my job was actually much simpler. True, I had to write on an IBM Selectric typewriter, as opposed to the PC sitting on my lap at the moment, but I didn’t have to do any self-promoting or social networking or send out email blasts or monthly newsletter or… Well, you get the picture.

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that things were indeed changing rapidly, and if I didn’t get on-board, I too–like my grandparents and parents before me–would be left behind. So I dug in and learned all this “newfangled” stuff like marketing and networking, etc., and I thought I’d made peace with that. Until recently…

Now I find myself being contacted about movie and film possibilities for my books. Yeah, I know, a great problem to have, right? Although nothing definite yet, we are certainly making progress in the right direction for seeing one of my stories on the “big screen.” But the tough part for me is that I’m simply not a movie fan. I almost never go to the movies and scarcely watch them on TV. I would so much rather read a book! But that’s another change I’m learning to cope with, as I take on new challenges of scriptwriting and all that goes with it.

As a result I find myself wondering about my favorite people: readers. How do you all feel about it? Are you strictly book people, or do you cross over into movies? What sort of movies capture your attention and make you want to come back for more? As I make this new change, I’d love input from people I respect, and I imagine my fellow authors feel the same. Thanks, dear readers!

About alandkathi66

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, married to my junior/senior high school sweetheart, Al. I am the author of 40 books, with several more in process. I enjoy speaking and teaching at writers' conferences and women's events, and I am passionate about supporting the persecuted Church and fighting human trafficking. I also serve as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for Elk Lake Publishing. My most recent releases are The Singing Quilt (March 2014); The 40-Day Devotional Challenge (January 2014); The Doctor's Christmas Quilt (October 2013).
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2 Responses to The Times They Are a-Changin’! by Kathi Macias

  1. imabrassy1 says:

    I have so many books that I don’t have a place for all of them and my phone and tablet have so many books on them I can’t even begin to read them all. I go to see movies and have seen many good ones. If the movies is based on a book the book is usually better. I think my imagination is better as it isn’t limited by budget concerns and directors idea. So I prefer books to movies but do like the entertainment.


  2. alandkathi66 says:

    Thanks for the input! I agree completely.


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