Technology by Tara Randel

Does anyone have a love/hate relationship with technology like I do? Sure, technology gives us information at our fingertips in lightning fast fashion. We can send texts, pictures, emails from our phone. Writing a book on a computer is so much better than a typewriter. So why does it still give me a headache?

When I was younger, I could hook up a sound system to the television or music components we used at the time. I’m from the era of turntables and cassette tapes for music, VHS for television. Boy, I had all that mastered. Thought I was something. Now? A cell phone can stump me. I’m one of those people who calls my kids when I can’t figure out how to make my devices work.

I just recently got a Smartphone. I must admit, it is fairly easy to use. I can take good quality pictures, which is a great feature, and text easily. But using my fingertip to type? Yikes! I mess up more than when I used my thumbs on my slide-out keyboard. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

I do have an iPod, which I love. Music at the touch of the screen. Really, what was I waiting for? Not everyone from my generation has a tough time mastering electronics. Some of my good friends are downright scary in all they can accomplish. Thankfully, they don’t mind teaching me.

As a writer, I use technology not only to do research, but have access to computer programs that not only lets me type a manuscript and store my WIP, but also helps me plot a story or keep all my information organized and handy in one convenient place. I’m one of those who doesn’t need to know how my Word program works, I’m just happy to have it. When I’m engrossed in writing, the how and whys don’t matter, getting a completed project is the goal.

With social media such a driving force in our culture, you either learn how to use technology or you’re out of the loop. Facebook, websites and blogging are a must. The nice things is that as writers, we can use all this to get the word out about our books and keep in touch with our readers. And as an author, I love being able to communicate with readers. The give and take is so worthwhile and I get to meet some really nice people.

So while I may complain, the advances in technology have made my life easier in some ways. I keep in touch with world events during the day and know that my daughter is a text away if she needs me. But for all that, at night, I turn my phone off before I go to bed. I don’t need to hear the pings and designated sounds letting me know my attention is needed. I’d much rather read a book. Or enjoy the silence. Tomorrow, I can start all over again.

So how about you? Are you on the technology bandwagon or not?

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2 Responses to Technology by Tara Randel

  1. Maureen Lang says:

    I’m pretty much a dinosaur when it comes to technology – I have an iPhone and can do texting, take pictures or . . . duh . . . use it like a phone, but my son tells me iPhones are pretty much a waste on me because I don’t use so much of its capacity. That’s fine by me. My brain is cluttered enough without adding instructions on how to use something I don’t need. I’ve written five books set before, during or after the 1st World War and one of the things that attracted me to the era was the huge stride in modern inventions that took place around that time. But some people weren’t fully on board with all the progress. I recall reading about people who thought telephones were unnecessary because communication wasn’t only about hearing the words, it was about being face to face, expressions and all that. Something I never really understood until technology passed right by me!


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