Soul Food and the Heart-Weary Christian by Vicki Hinze

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It’s Holy Week.  Almost Easter.  A revered time for people of faith.  The most revered time for Christians.  Today, I need to chat.  That’s right, to chat.  I need to talk with like-minded people—people who believe.  My soul needs food.  


Most Christians go through times of sheer weariness.  We tire of the faith struggles in our own lives and in our society.  Our freedom of religion is being interpreted by some as freedom from religion, and we’re frustrated by it and weary of it.


How can we not be?  We look around and see children exploited, young girls being programmed that sexy is better than virtuous (look at the magazine covers targeting teens).  We see a barrage of attacks against even Christmas trees with governors wanting to call them holiday trees, and Christmas break being tagged winter holiday.  We see our leader insist that Christian statues be covered during a speech at a Catholic college and yet he speaks beneath a banner that includes a photo of the father of terrorism.  We know important things seem, well, upside down, and now comes a push to rename an Easter Egg Hunt a Spring Egg Hunt.


What?  We have Christians being crucified for their faith (literally and figuratively) and we (as taxpaying citizens) are giving them billions of dollars.  Why?


All this is just the tip of the heap, as you well know, but it’s sufficient to relay the reason for the weariness.


We trust God, we celebrate Holy Week and Easter.  We do not waiver on it being the holiest of holidays in Christendom.  The Resurrection…  It’s awe-inspiring and humbling.  And even those who are not Christians should respect that.


If they did, I doubt we’d be living in a culture of deep corruption.  In a society where half—yes, half—of the children born are born to unwed mothers.  Our values have eroded and our ethics along with them.  We’ve buried our moral compass.  Allowing it to happen, doing nothing to prevent it, condones it.  And what we condone, we own.


I’m not an idealist or standing on a soapbox or suggesting we become raging zealots, but I am suggesting that I’m weary and I know other believers are, too.  For me, I’m battling it, determined to follow our beliefs and to refuse not to support them.  In other words, the PC police can forget it.  They have their vision of PC and I have mine, and this weary soul is opting for faith.


The weariness is not to the bone.  Close, but not to the bone.  In part, I thank Roma Downey and Mark Burnett for that.  Yes, the star of Touched by an Angel and the reality show guru.  They did the five-part series The Bible that’s airing on Sunday nights on the History channel.


Okay, so there’s been a lot of controversy on the show itself.  Of course, there has.  But considering how many don’t and never have read the Bible, and considering that this series is the only exposure they’ll get to the Bible, can’t we see the good in it?  The series is like a missionary to the U.S.  And if you’ve seen the religious decline (which has been actively sought by factions within and outside this country), you know we need a revival of spiritual matters and food for our spirits.  Give us that and the other problems decline.  We know it.  Our country was built on the premise of putting God first.  Through diligent effort, particularly in the past forty years, we’ve had our identity muddied and now we’re muddled.  For that reason, while some might find fault with The Bibles production, I’m celebrating it.


It’s said to be #1—most watched.  The Examiner  had an article on it that said Hollywood didn’t understand why the series was so popular.  It confounded them.  We, of course, know exactly why it’s popular and why other films or series like it will be popular, too.  People are three-dimensional—physical, emotional and spiritual—and our spiritual selves are starving!


Simple.  So very simple.  We need soul food!  We don’t just want it, we need it.  We need  a spark to recognize what we need.


So last night, I’m watching the fourth part of the five-part series, and I notice the commercials. had one.  Walmart had one.  Advertising the Bible.  I’m sure there were others, but these were on when the advertisers caught my attention and snagged my thoughts.  And I sat there feeling extremely emotional.  An ad for the Bible.  The BOOK.  The Word of God.  I’m choking up again now.


This is good.  Even if you disagree with exactly the way this or that is done in the series, you’ve got to see that this series and these kinds of commercials (which are wholly suitable for viewing by all ages [and that certainly can’t be said for many, many ads or shows]) are good.   Sparks!

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I hope that this series spurs an avalanche of films with spiritual themes that get people to thinking and talking and exploring and searching.  I hope it spurs a mountain of ads that are constructive and respectful.  But most of all, I hope it touches hearts.  The weariness and emptiness and longing that crushes so many in our society can be filled by faith.  We know it can, and I pray soon those who didn’t know it discover it, too.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to watch an early evening program with your family and not have to change the channel because of inappropriate content?  To have shows with content that is constructive and inspiring to viewers?


I boldly dare to dream that this starts a trend.  One that renews faith, depletes weariness in believers, and offers all who want it a path out of the darkness and into the light.  Wouldn’t it be terrific to see a swell of enthusiasm that leads to truth and contentment replace the current destructive behaviors that assure the absence of both?  Who knows?  Maybe, just maybe, that spark will ignite a flame and those who choose to walk and live outside the light will at least respect the rights of those who choose to walk in it.  That would be refreshing, and constructive, too.


What I know is this.  I write books to help the broken heal.  I read books that inspire and enlighten.  I view films for the same reasons.  And I know that this morning my heart is less weary.  A series and some commercials and because of constructive, faith-filled content, my soul is less weary.


And I know that without a spark, there is no flame.  A spark serves. If we recognize hunger and what we’re hungry for, we can seek it.  It doesn’t take much to recognize it, just a little spark.  If you think about it, doesn’t it kind of remind you of the mustard seed…





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1 Response to Soul Food and the Heart-Weary Christian by Vicki Hinze

  1. Vicki, I SO agree with you. Even though we’re somewhat isolated from some things here in the Bible belt, the corruption is everywhere. We’re like those frogs in water that slowly comes to a boil, and they don’t realize it. Sometimes the terror of it smacks me in the face, and yet at least I know I still have friends who also believe, I have the Bible that guides me, and we know the ending of this whole story. Your blog gives me a lift, knowing we are kindred spirits, and that we have brothers and sisters all over the globe. Take heart, because you are a child of God, you have millions of brothers and sisters in Christ, and that number is growing. Jesus came so that we might have life, and have it abundantly. What we do, what we write, is our gift to the world so we can share the love of Christ. May we be given increased power to touch hearts for Him.


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