How to Let Go: When Your Bookshelf Has Run Out of Space

Sometimes it’s hard to let go even when we’re talking about books.

When your bookshelf has run out of space, and you’ve run out of room for yet another bookshelf, how do you let go of the books you love? I need an answer because I don’t have any good ones. Build a new edition to my home or buy a bigger one? I wish.

My bookshelves are stacked with not only my own published books, but all the novels I’ve read and come to love over the years. But it’s Spring Break and you know what that means: Spring cleaning.

Or maybe not. Still, I’ve taken on the task to cull the bookshelves and it makes me sad. Looking at some of my favorite keepers I realize I can’t keep all of them.

Breaking up is hard to do. That should be a song. Oh wait, it already is.

Do the bookshelves in these images look familiar or completely alien? How do you decide which books get to stay, and which ones have to go?

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7 Responses to How to Let Go: When Your Bookshelf Has Run Out of Space

  1. Pattie says:

    I’m a military wife so I HAVE to keep my bookshelves under control. When I finish a book, I ask myself the hard question: Will I honestly ever read this again? If the answer is yes, I keep it. If the answer is no, then it goes to Paperback Swap or to a good friend.


    • bethrachg says:

      That’s probably the best way to decide. Totally makes sense. But there have been times when I thought I wouldn’t read a book again and gave it away. Then, weeks or months later, I wanted to see the book again. Maybe I wanted to compare the opening with something I have written. Still, I’m thinking I need to be brutal.


  2. Lourdes Montes says:

    I would probably use the pantry who needs food anyway when you have books! LOL Seriously though I was just watching the show “The Revolution” and they showed a really cool way of stacking books by Ty Pennington, you might want to look it up online.


  3. ccgevry says:

    I never decide to give a book away right after I’ve read it, unless it was a book I really didn’t care for. I usually shelf my books for at least a year. Then when it comes time to go through my bookshelves I ask if I would ever read it again. I do something similiar with my clothes. If I haven’t worn it in a year, it gets donated.


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