God’s Warning Signs for America

Looking outside of ourselves to our nation, I want to encourage the body of Christ to repent for the sins of our nation, including their part in it, and pray for our country’s future. We know that God often sends warnings before He disciplines a nation, as seen in His dealings with Israel throughout the Old Testament. I believe our nation is living in a warning period right now that may very well be followed by God’s correction if we do not turn back to Him. That said, I recently read a book called, The Harbinger, that identifies the events that have recently transpired in our land beginning with 9/11 to an ancient biblical prophecy. The book correlates these events and our actions that have preceded them with the actions and events of ancient Israel as revealed particularly in the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah 9:8-9 contains Israel’s warning and her response to it is found in verse ten. The similarity in America’s response
compared to Israel’s is astounding! The judgment that follows Israel’s defiant response is then pronounced in verses eleven and twelve. The author, Jonathan Cahn, ties Israel’s purpose with America’s saying:  “no other nation has been called into being for the will of God or dedicated to His purposes from conception. No other people had been given a covenant. But the covenant had a condition. If they followed the ways of God, they would become the most blessed of nations. But if they fell away and turned against His ways, then their blessings would be removed and replaced by calamity…” Israel did fall away and their blessing was replaced with calamity (eighth century B.C.).  Our hope is that there is still time for America to heed the warning signs God has given, repent, and avoid similar judgment.

The book is written in a gripping narrative style and sounds like fiction, yet it is real. It reveals nine warnings of coming destruction that God gave to Israel and how these same nine warnings have reappeared here in America in precisely the same pattern. It is beyond extraordinary! I was unable to put this book down until I finished it!

I encourage you to watch CBN’s interview with Rabbi Cahn as they discuss The Harbinger: http://youtu.be/-SVhZCh0yDc .

About Sarah Goebel

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