New Book Release by Tara Randel

I’m excited to let you know about my newest book release, Her Surprise Hometown Match, a Harlequin Heartwarming romance. This the fourth book in the Golden Matchmakers Club series. I always have fun returning to Golden and this book will not only showcase the matchmakers at work as they try to pair Juliette and Ty together, but it will recap previous characters from the series. I don’t know about you, but I love catching up on characters’ lives, who is engaged, married or expecting. And I hope you enjoy the journey of Juliette and Ty falling in love. I had a blast writing the book.

Can she be honest…

With the rodeo cowboy?

Juliette Bishop is living a lie. And she won’t let any man get close enough to discover she’s not the hero Golden residents imagine. But rebellious former rodeo cowboy Ty Pendergrass slips under her radar…and straight into her heart. No stranger to the struggles of shedding a reputation, the daring trick rider could be her perfect match. If she has the courage to come clean with him and her hometown! 

Here is an excerpt.

A slow, unexpected grin spread over his face, changing him from merely handsome to plain out gorgeous. Juliette lost her train of thought for a second, until another car horn shook her back to reality.

“You must be new in Golden,” she said, hoping to successfully cover her reaction to the stranger. “You can’t charm me to get your way.”

His smile ramped up a notch. “You think I’m charming?”

“That’s not the point.” She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped a foot. “I’m not moving.”

He slapped his hat back on his head. “Then it looks like we’re at an impasse.”

She pressed her lips together, her eyes moving to the empty spot and the sign at the curb. Reserved for the Golden Police Chief.

Disappointed and relieved at the same time, she said, “Seems neither of us can park here.”

“Why not?”

She pointed to the sign. “It’s reserved for the police chief.”

Some of the man’s ire slipped away.

They both approached the sign, standing so close that Juliette could feel his body heat. She was enveloped by his cologne. The scent reminded her of pine trees and a touch of citrus. She hadn’t noticed this many details about a man in forever.

A preview of Golden in the fall.

This book was featured by JustRead Publicity Tours. Here is the link if you’d like to enter the tour giveaway. Today is the last day to sign up! Welcome to the Her Surprise Hometown Match Blog Tour & Giveaway! – JustRead Publicity Tours ( You can also view the tour schedule and visit some of the stops on the tour.

This is the last book in the matchmaker’s series, but I don’t plan on leaving Golden any time soon. In fact, I’m working on new story proposals right now and hope to have good news about future books. In the meantime, thanks for your support!

Her Surprise Hometown Match




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