NORA’S REVIEW OF: Closer Than She Knows by Kelly Irvin



Closer Than She Knows

By Kelly Irvin

Published by: Thomas Nelson

Release Date: June 9, 2020

352 Pages



NORA’S REVIEW: This is a well-written, complex police drama that reminded me of the show Law & Order with its wonderful blend of police procedural and courtroom drama. As the main character, Teagan is a court reporter. It also reminded me of the show Blue Bloods as the whole Reagan family is involved in fighting crime in different capacities from Police Commissioner, detective, police officer etc, this set up resembles Teagan’s family.

This novel literally starts out with a bang as Teagan is heads to court. Things soon get complicated. I like the beautiful job the author does in naturally blending an unexpected spiritual thread throughout the story. The author does not shy away from talking about some tough topics without being preachy, having cookie cutter answers and/or sugar-coating things. 

I like that the author shows a couple of sides to things allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions. The plot moves along as people that know Teagan turn up dead all the while putting more pressure on Teagan and her family to find the serial killer. They had to dig deeper. It must be someone they are overlooking. 

There are some surprises along this journey to find the killer. Would they get to him before he took out Teagan? This would make a good book club pick as there is so much to discuss in this complex scenario.

 BACK COVER: A serial killer bent on revenge . . . and striking too close to home. 

Teagan O’Rourke has always loved murder mysteries. In her job as a court reporter, she has written official records for dozens of real-life murders. She’s slapped evidence stickers on crime scene photos. She’s listened to hours of chilling testimony. But she’s never known the smell of death. And she never thought she might be a victim.

Until now. A young police officer is murdered just inches away from her, and then a man calling himself a serial killer starts leaving Teagan notes, signing each with the name of a different murderer from her favorite mystery novels.

Panicked, Teagan turns to her friend Max Kennedy. Max longs for more than friendship with Teagan, but he fears she’ll never trust someone with a past like his. He wonders how much of God’s “tough love” he can take before he gives up on love completely. And he wonders if he’ll be able to keep Teagan alive long enough to find out.

As Teagan, Max, and Teagan’s police officer father race to track down the elusive killer, they each know they could be the next victim. Desperate to save those she loves, Teagan battles fears that once haunted her in childhood. Nothing seems to stop this obsessed murderer. No matter what she does, he seems to be getting closer . . .


Nora St. Laurent 

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