New Rules for Living — Or Not

This morning, I read this Bible verse about Jesus sending out the 72 disciples before Him:

Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Carry no purse or bag or sandals. Do not greet anyone along the road. Luke 10:3-4

The rules for living today are so complex.  Wash your hands, wear gloves, wear masks.  Do not greet each other or gather.  Wipe off your groceries and packages, etc.  These are trying times. The loneliness and inability to check on family members.  Many people are unable to visit sick relatives because the hospital can’t have the contamination.

These times are unprecedented.  But I take comfort in the fact that God knew this would happen.  God allowed this to happen.  So how can we grow in this time spiritually? How can we keep from contributing to the fear and the devastation around us? For God did not give us a spirit of fear  Imagine the 72 going out into unknown realms to preach the Gospel of Jesus! If they’d given way to fear, they never would have gone.

Fear inhibits who we are.  It makes us less-than and it doesn’t help a soul.  Be cautious.  Follow the guidelines, but check on loved ones.  Call friends who live alone.  Ask if you can shop for elderly neighbors.  Do what you can to be of Christ in this situation and not fear.  God knew this virus would happen. Read the Psalms when you get nervous and give way to fear and for goodness sake, turn off the never-ending news cycle that wants us to live in constant turmoil!

God will send His rainbow soon.

(My daughter Elle is here and she planted this cactus for me and it bloomed within a few days.  A nice reminder God is still in control and the world still turns.) Look to the Light.IMG_0952


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3 Responses to New Rules for Living — Or Not

  1. Very encouraging and wise words, Kris. And I’m amazed at how quickly the cactus bloomed!

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  2. Thanks for this encouraging post. I have been intentionally reading through the Psalms during this time and they really do bring hope and comfort. Beautiful cactus!


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